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Apple iPad 2 sneaks past the UK’s defences

People have been waiting for this launch for a long time. Well, the day is finally here when Brits can place an order for the Apple iPad 2. KitGuru investigates.

Saying that the UK's Apple stores are ‘open for business' today, is a bit of a given, right? However, today the Apple stores have even more desirability as a ‘retail destination' – because the Apple iPad 2 has arrived.

Does ‘arrived' mean actually in store or just available to order online?  We'll find that out in a couple of hours.

It's here. Apparently.

Buying any modern computing and communications device without being connected to the interwibble has to be a mistake, right ?

We figure that most serious users will want iPad 2 with a healthy dose of 3G.

On that basis, we're wondering why T-Mobile has managed to miss out on the biggest party of the year.

T-Mobile has not managed to get a seat at the table, while '3' is already slurping soup

More on the availability of the iPad 2 later.

KitGuru says: We're definitely buying these in the office, no question.

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