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Cyberlink prepares full range of Apple software

News coming out of Taiwan this morning is that Cyberlink, arguably the most prevalent provider of proper video playback and photo manipulation software in the wonderful world of Windows, is investing BIG TIME in its OSX products (and more). KitGuru turns Power(news)Producer Pro to maximum and ponders the impact.

Whether it’s because Microsoft (a) isn’t allowed, (b) can’t be bothered or (c) just plain hates us – the software that ships with the horribly over-priced software known as Windows has always been, well, horrible.

Sure, we all know someone who can do ‘clever things’ with Microsoft Paint, but let’s be honest – the Apps you can install on an iPad 4s will pretty much put the basic Windows programs to shame.

Buy a PC from a system builder though, and your options change. Cyberlink, darling of the Taiwan stock exchange, has closed a scary amount of deals on pre-installing some version of PowerDVD, PowerProducer etc on ready-made PCs. Not only do the system builders get pressured to buying and installing these multimedia suites, you get to thinking that every component inside your new PC ALSO comes with a version of Cyberlink DobberyDooDaa 5.8

In short: As far as possible, Cyberlink pwns the Windows-using desktop PC and laptop markets. But not so Apple. In the Apple space, it has less market share than the USA has weight-gain programmes for under-eaters.

But all that’s to change. Having grown as far as they can with the existing PC market, Cyberlink CEO Alice Chang is no beating her developers with sticks – forcing them to love the Lion OS and to produce market-winning, Apps-based products for Apple-bods in the future.

Cyberlink will be ready to make some big announcements shortly, in the meantime apple users will have to make do with products like Final Cut Express.

That Alice Chang, she's no mug. Cyberlink's software has looked more and more like AppleWare for ages

KitGuru says: Alice Chang is a smart cookie. Having cleaned up her channel over the past 4 years, she must be eyeing the potentially huge cash windfall that a series of successful Apple-related launches could bring.

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