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G.Skill ARES 16GB 2133mhz Memory Kit Review (9-11-10-28)

Rating: 9.0.

G.Skill have been actively targeting the enthusiast user now for the last year, with a constant stream of quality products aimed at a wide audience … from gamers to hardcore overclockers. Today we are looking at the latest ‘ARES’ branded low profile DDR3 kit aimed at the ever growing audience who use oversized CPU coolers.

Several years ago it was popular for a manufacturer to release DDR3 memory with giant, oversized heatspreaders –  they looked great in the marketing brochures. But as the time has passed people are learning that these can often cause fitting problems with the latest CPU coolers. When many people bought the gargantuan Noctua NH D14 cooler they found that they either had to remove the heatspreaders completely, or buy new low profile memory.

It therefore makes sense for G.Skill to adopt low profile heatspreaders on the ARES memory, with two colours available: Blue and Orange.

Frequency Timing Available Capacity Voltage Color Model name
1333MHz CL 9-9-9-24 8GB(4Gx2)/16GB(4GBx4)(8GBx2)/32GB(8GBx4) 1.5V Orange AO
1600MHz CL10-10-10-30 16GB(8GBx2)/32GB(8GBx4) 1.5V Orange AO
1600MHz CL 9-9-9-24 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.5V Orange/Blue AO/AB
1600MHz CL 8-8-8-24 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.5V Blue AB
1866MHz CL 9-10-9-28 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.5V Blue AB
1866MHz CL10-11-10-30 16GB(8GBx2)/32GB(8GBx4) 1.5V Blue AB
2133MHz CL11-11-11-31 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.6V Orange AO
2133MHz CL9-11-10-28 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.65V Blue AB


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