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iOS 7 already running into problems

The long awaited iOS 7 from Apple was finally released to the masses yesterday, and it has already been installed on hundreds of thousands of devices all over the world. Unfortunately, download problems have left thousands without the ability to upgrade to the latest software.

The software designer officially unveiled the new operating system less than 24 hours ago, where it was met with much enthusiasm from fans of Apple and their products the world over. The issues that have cropped up are rather typical of major software releases though, because nothing ever seems to go right at the start. In this case users have run into a variety of issues when they tried to download or install the software, and those same users have taken to social media to bemoan the problems. Confirmed problems include being inundated with error messages when trying to install the software, and failing to download the operating system either due to flooded servers or general download problems.

One user even complained that whilst installing the update (a two hour long affair), their phone crashed and restoring it lost all of their media files.


It's difficult to enjoy something when you can't access it

There are plenty of download issues that are stemming from the sheer amount of people who are trying to get access to the overhauled software too. The servers can only handle so many requests at once, and being hammered by people trying to get through the rabble is crashing many of them. There's so many people hitting them that some WiFi servers at a number of colleges have crashed trying to handle the outgoing requests.

Apple is yet to comment on these issues, which is strange considering the download errors are definitely something that need to be addressed ASAP. Whether the iPhone maker is keeping tight lipped is because the staff are all working on the problem already, or if the hope is that ignoring the problem will make it go away, remains to be seen. The installation errors are still unexplained though, and word from Apple about what to do would be much appreciated.

KitGuru Says: Stuff like this is why I rarely adopt software or hardware until a few weeks after launch. Having the absolute latest system is good, but I'd rather wait until all the little issues have been dealt with.

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