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59 iPhone throttling lawsuits may combine in to one class-action suit today

Apple entered 2018 on a bad note, with plenty of iPhone users taking issue with the company's formerly hidden ‘throttling' feature in iOS. In order to keep batteries from failing over time, Apple would quietly cut down the clock speeds of processors in older iPhones. This led to plenty of investigations, and plenty of legal headaches too, as 59 separate lawsuits were filed against Apple over the issue.

Apple explained itself fairly promptly and updated iOS to give users a warning that their battery health may be too low to offer peak performance at all times. This gave users the option to turn on throttling at their own discretion. However, by that point, the damage had already been done. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, 59 separate lawsuits have been filed against Apple over the last several months. This week, a meeting will take place, which may combine all of them into one big class-action suit.


Whether or not the lawsuit will be granted class-action status, or even be successful, remains to be seen. If this does turn into a class-action lawsuit, then Apple will find itself in another long, multi-year legal battle.

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KitGuru Says: At this point, class-action status makes sense, otherwise Apple will be fighting 59 different lawsuits in different states across the US. Still, it will be a long time before we see whether or not these lawsuits will amount to anything.

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