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Apple confirms iPhone 6S battery percentage bug

Back in September 2015, early buyers of the iPhone 6S began experiencing a battery percentage bug that stopped the status bar from accurately showing how much power users had left in the device. It has taken a while but Apple has finally acknowledged this issue and has offered a temporary fix while it works on a proper one.

In an updated support document, Apple said that it is “aware of the issue” and confirmed that it is investigating a solution. In the mean time, users can restart their devices and check that date/time updates are enabled automatically.


There are quite a few replies on the initial support document showing people encountering this issue. Some people have their battery percentage stay the same all day, despite charging or heavy use. Given the temporary solution that Apple has offered, it is possible that the company thinks that the bug could be related to users automatically adjusting the time.

Hopefully by the time the next update rolls around, this on-going issue will be fixed.

KitGuru Says: This can be quite a frustrating issue to have, particularly if you use your phone a lot and need to keep track of how much power you have left. Do any of you have an iPhone 6S? Have you encountered this specific problem? 

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