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Apple killed off the iPod Classic because it couldn’t get the parts

Last month, Apple quietly killed off the iPod Classic, 13 years after the product was initially revealed by Steve Jobs. Now, Apple CEO Tim Cook has finally explained why the iconic MP3 player is no longer available- to put it simply, Apple just couldn’t source the parts to keep putting it together.

Speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s live event last night, Tim Cook said on stage that the components necessary to build the 160GB player could no longer be accessed and the company didn’t feel that it was worth redesigning and releasing a brand new iPod Classic.


You would assume that if Apple really wanted to keep the iPod Classic around, it probably could have but I imagine sales numbers couldn’t justify the costs. After all, it has been years since the last iPod Classic redesign and a new wave of digital products that utilize flash memory have since taken over, making the Classic fairly outdated at this point.

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KitGuru Says: A few of you guys messaged us to say that you were disappointed to hear that Apple had discontinued the iPod Classic, some of you were even gearing up to buy one! There was certainly more interest in the old MP3 player than I thought there would be. At least now we know why Apple killed it off. Do you guys think Apple should have re-designed the iPod Classic and re-released it?

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