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Faulty taptic feedback engines could be behind low Apple Watch stocks

The Apple Watch was announced back in September last year, so why did it take until the end of April to officially launch? Well it turns out that Apple may have had some issues manufacturing the taptic feedback engine, with many of them turning out to be faulty early on in the process.

As you would expect, this did set Apple back quite a bit, we were originally expecting the Apple Watch well before March this year and now that it is finally available, stocks are very low, with shipment dates going as far back as July. According to The Wall Street Journal, it is in-fact faulty taptic engines to blame.


The manufacturer in charge of making the taptic feedback engines was AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. Many of the units supplied broke down during testing and as a result, Apple had to switch manufacturers at the last minute. Apple has had plenty of trouble with manufacturers recently, after one company failed to create the Sapphire displays expected to feature on the iPhone 6.

The taptic engine is one of the more important components found inside the Apple Watch as it taps your wrist whenever you receive a notification. Apple is also using the same technology inside of the new trackpad found on the new Macbook.

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KitGuru Says: Even with the long waiting list, many people are still pre-ordering an Apple Watch. Hopefully Apple managed to work out the problems with its taptic engine, otherwise there are going to be some unhappy customers in a few months time. 

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