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IMessenger unofficially comes to Android

Last updated on November 8th, 2013 at 11:29 am

Have you recently switched over from IOS and found yourself lost without IMessenger? Well there is an app now in the Google Play store that can emulate the experience and connect to your Apple ID. However, there is a compromise: your security and privacy.

This app has been a bit hit and miss as far as how well it works, sometimes it will allow you to talk to Apple users and other times it is still limited to the Android platform. How does this app manage to connect to Apple servers you ask? Well software developer, Adam Bell, worked out that once you sign in with your Apple ID the app connects to a server based in China, which then masks your information as if it were coming from a Mac mini, allowing you to get through to the Apple server.

The app basically acts as a dodgy middleman. There is no guarantee that your data is safe as it passes through the Chinese server it could be being stored, collected and sold. Giving a mystery server access to all of your Apple ID information including payment details wouldn’t be the best idea.

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The fact that this app is capable of installing APK’s without you even knowing is a huge cause for concern.

KitGuru Says: If you have installed this app,  I would advise you to delete it and reformat your device as soon as you can. This app isn’t worth installing and risking your personal data when there are so many good and trusted cross platform messaging alternatives.

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