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iOS 13 said to drop support for two iPads and four iPhones

As software continues to move forward and evolve, it becomes harder to support older devices. The number of years you are guaranteed updates for varies between smartphone makers, although Apple tends to keep its devices going for longer than most. With that said, iOS 13 will reportedly drop support for four older iPhones and two older iPads.

The iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are apparently on the chopping block for iOS 13. On the iPad side, the iPad Mini 2 and original iPad Air may also be affected, according to French iPhone rumour site, iPhonesoft.


This isn’t too surprising for the iPhone 5S, which is turning six years old this year. In fact, many were expecting 5S support to be dropped last year with iOS 12. The iPhone 6 is a little more surprising though, it is getting old, but it was also one of the highest selling smartphones of all time.

KitGuru Says: We aren’t far off iOS 13 being officially revealed, so we’ll start to learn about feature updates and general OS changes quite soon. Do any of you happen to still have an old iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 knocking around?

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