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New Macbook Pro’s experiencing problems

Last week Apple introduced its new line of Macbook Pro laptops with retina displays and they were made immediately available after the event. Like with any Apple launch,  a wave of customers instantly ordered whatever they could afford but the usually happy and satisfied Macbook Pro owners aren't so impressed this time. Users are reporting keyboard and trackpad issues that require a hard restart to get around.

More than 17 pages have been filled with complaints on the Apple support forums. Here are some of the problems users have posted about:

“I have just got my new MacBook Pro Retina 13 Haswell (October Model). This is my second day of usage and I have encountered sudden system freeze for 2 times already. The keyboard and the trackpad stops working including brightness keys and volume control keys. I have use Apple hardware test but no problems are found.”

“I have been using my MacBook for 2 days and I have encountered sudden freeze for 4 times! The keyboard and the trackpad are unresponsive.”

This could put potential buyers off until the issue is fixed, these laptops aren't cheap i'm sure most people would be annoyed if they just spent between one and two and a half grand on a laptop that then had input and navigation issues right out of the box. The issue affects both 13″ and 15″ models.


Apple has yet to acknowledge the issue or announce a fix but I doubt the company is sitting back on the problem, an official fix will likely come soon.

KitGuru Says: The Macbook Pro line is usually solid, it's unusual to see the new one coming out with these problems. Have any of you guys picked up one of the new Macbook Pro's and are you experiencing any issues? I've never had any issues with my entry level 2011 Macbook Pro. 

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