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Samsung reportedly set to supply 160 million OLED displays for iPhone 8

We have been hearing about Apple's plans to switch to OLED displays for the next iPhone for over a year now and in that time there have been plenty of reports deliberating who will supply those displays. Now it seems that while Apple no longer wants Samsung to manufacture its iPhone processors, it does want Samsung to supply displays, with reports indicating that Apple has ordered 160 million of them.

According to sources speaking with the Korea Herald, the iPhone 8 is set to have an OLED display manufactured by Samsung. In total, it is said that Apple and Samsung agreed to a 160 million unit deal with sizes ranging between 5.2-inches and 5.8-inches.

Samsung and Apple reportedly already had a 100 million unit deal in place but this has since been extended, which ties in with reports that Apple wants to ramp up production early on the next iPhone to try and avoid any stock issues, There are also reports that the top-end iPhone this year could end up costing over $1000 depending on the amount of storage.

KitGuru Says: There has been lots of talk about Apple's next iPhone but not a ton of evidence to back it up as of late. That said, Apple isn't too great at keeping a lid on its product launches, so we should start to hear more over the coming months. 

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