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The first ARM-powered Mac tipped to launch next month

Apple is all set to announce the next batch of iPhones next week but it looks like the company may still have more product launches planned before the end of the year. Today, reports indicate that another Apple event will come in October to introduce the very first Apple Silicon powered Mac. 

Apple announced its intention to release ARM powered Macs earlier this year, putting an end to its reliance on Intel for CPUs. These chips will be custom designed by Apple to meet the power needs of specific products. According to Bloomberg, the first ‘Apple Silicon'/ARM based Mac will launch in November.

The launch will come during another Apple event in November. Currently, rumours suggest that the first Apple Silicon Mac will be a 13-inch MacBook Pro or a new MacBook Air.

The first Apple Silicon chip will be a 12-core processor based on the 5nm process node. As usual, TSMC is going to be Apple's manufacturer. Just how well these systems will perform remains to be seen. Apple sent out developer kits earlier this year and has been preparing macOS optimisations for the jump from Intel to Apple Silicon.

KitGuru Says: It is going to be very interesting to see hands-on with the first ARM-based Mac and examine the performance differences. Do you think Apple's switch to ARM will be a success? 

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