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Game devs tease appearance at Apple’s WWDC AR/VR event

Following years of rumours, Apple looks set to finally officially announce their AR/VR headset during the smartphone manufacturer’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. Though said to be focused primarily on productivity, a number of game studios have teased that their titles might be announced for the headset at the upcoming event.

As collated by Reddit user ‘ak47rocks1337yt’ multiple game devs have Tweeted about the upcoming event, which is set to go live on the 5th of June. Ahead of the conference, Beat Saber’s co-founder Jaroslav Beck teased “June 5th is going to be [popcorn and sunglasses emoji]” all-but-confirming that the VR juggernaut will make its presence at the event.

Similarly – though perhaps even more cryptically – Sean Murray of Hello Games and No Man’s Sky simply Tweeted out an Apple emoji. We have seen the team partner up with Apple in the past (having announced No Man’s Sky for Mac during last year’s WWDC) and so it would not be surprising to see the game’s VR version announced for Apple’s headset.

With leaks and rumours circulating for years, it will be exciting to have Apple’s AR/VR headset finally announced and confirmed.

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