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iPhone 13 will support LEO satellite communication

As we get closer and closer to the official reveal of the iPhone 13, many of the device's lesser-known features are starting to leak, the latest of which suggests that Apple’s upcoming device will support satellite communication, allowing users to “send messages and make phone calls, even when they are not within standard 4G/5G cell tower coverage.”

As reported by reliable Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo (who has an accuracy rating of 76.6% over the course of 158 leaks), the upcoming iPhone 13 will support low-earth-orbit satellite communication, meaning that even when there are no cell-towers in the area for connection purposes, the phone will still be able to send messages and make phone call through connecting to satellites in the sky.

Currently, there are a number of unknowns when it comes to its implementation such as whether this will be limited to emergency situations, or if it will be usable at any time. Secondly, while the use of GPS over satellite is free, no details have been provided yet on whether the same will be the case of messages and calls.

Regardless, it seems Apple is looking to widen its use of LEO Satellite communication, with future devices including “the upcoming Apple AR headset, the Apple Car and other Internet-of-Things accessories” said to be expected to use the service.

A majority of populated land has been covered with 4G towers, though many people can still find themselves stranded with no mobile service. It is therefore good to see Apple expanding the usability of their phones, making one of the core purposes of the device (i.e. calling and texting) more reliable.

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