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iStat Menus hits 3

One of our favorite OSX monitoring apps has just hit version 3. Bringing to the table tools to monitor everything from battery usage to network traffic at a glance, Bjango's iStat Menus is a must for any OSX geek.

To quote some of the features:

  • Realtime CPU graphs and a list of the top 5 CPU resource hogs. CPU usage can be tracked by individual cores or with all cores combined, to save menubar space
  • A realtime graph to keep on top of what’s being sent and received for all network connections
  • Memory stats for your menubar, shown as a pie chart, graph, percentage, bar or any combination of those things. The memory dropdown menu shows a list of the top 5 memory hogs, as well as other useful info

KitGuru says: Apple haters like to point out, that everything just working on a Mac is a sign of a simplified OS, making it a poor choice for hardcore gadget lovers. Applications like iStat Menus prove, that even diehard tinkerers use OSX. The main difference is the fact that they look cool while doing it. Grab the trial and if you like the app (we are sure you will), get it while it is on sale.

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