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PC sales declined again in 2016


Worldwide PC sales fell for the fifth year in a row in 2016, totalling 269.7 million units. This represents a 6.2 per cent decline on 2015. Analysts highlight how the most growth has been in sectors of innovation, while stagnation in others has given consumers few reasons to upgrade. Industries …

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Steam can show average ISP speeds in each country

Valve has added many useful features to Steam over the years but one that you may have overlooked is the Steam Stats page, which was updated to let you check the data rates and average speeds for different Internet Service Providers in each country and region. Valve is calling this feature …

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Steam user base is still growing, fast

Steam Stats

While many might look at Steam as the default platform for gaming on the PC, it obviously hasn't got everyone on board yet, as its user base is growing all the time and according to new statistics, that growth is accelerating too. Back in January last year, Steam had a …

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iStat Menus hits 3

One of our favorite OSX monitoring apps has just hit version 3. Bringing to the table tools to monitor everything from battery usage to network traffic at a glance, Bjango's iStat Menus is a must for any OSX geek. To quote some of the features: Realtime CPU graphs and a …

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