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Activision forces popular Call of Duty stat tracking site to shut down

When it comes to competitive shooters, there are often a lot of ‘hidden' stats that are tracked but not presented in-game. To make up for that, those really looking to improve often head to fan sites to see more detailed performance metrics. These type of stat trackers exist for Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Siege and yes, even Call of Duty. While most publishers just leave these sites alone, Activision is taking a far less friendly approach.

SBMM Warzone, a Call of Duty performance stat tracking website, has received a legal notice from Activision, requesting that the site be shut down. The publisher claims that the website violates Activision's API terms of use and also infringes on copyright.

Another part of the issue here is privacy, with SBMM noting that Activision is uneasy about potentially violating privacy laws in the European Union and United States. So while the website did run a premium membership program and advertisements, these apparently weren't the main points of concern for Activision's lawyers.

For now, SBMM Warzone will remain down, but the site creators are currently appealing to Activision, hoping to strike up some form of official partnership. There hasn't been an update on that front yet, but those who actively use SBMM Warzone may see the site return if Activision gets on-board, albeit with some changes.

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KitGuru Says: Do many of you play Call of Duty Warzone competitively? Have you used SBMM before to see your stats? 

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