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Leaks suggest Valve is working on a follow-up to Half-Life Alyx

Last week, Half-Life: Alyx officially turned a year old and one of the lead developers on that game, Robin Walker, teased that fans of the series should be excited about possibility again now that Valve has opened the door for future Half-Life games. Now this week, new leaks are starting to come together, leading us to believe that two new Half-Life games are already in development, with one of them being a direct follow-up to Half-Life: Alyx. 

Tyler McVicker, formerly known as Valve News Network, released a new video compiling all of the latest Half-Life leaks today. As usual, these leaks are found in the form of code strings, with some new strings being added for HLVR, the codename that Half-Life: Alyx was developed under.

These new strings are added under the “hlvr/hlx” moniker, indicating a second project is spinning off from the ground work that was built with Half-Life: Alyx – potentially a full sequel game that picks up from the cliff-hanger ending of Alyx.

This isn't the only VR project in the works at Valve though. A second team has also been working on something we've known as ‘Citidel' for quite some time. This is an entirely separate game with its own set of code, pointing towards an asymmetrical, squad-based game with tactical elements.

Valve hasn't officially announced either of these games yet and as we've seen with other Valve projects in the past, if developers lose interest, it can be dropped and shelved for indefinite periods of time. With that in mind, it could be quite some time before the company is ready to announce or show anything.

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KitGuru Says: It could be years away, but it seems that Valve is indeed in the early stages of putting together a sequel to Half-Life Alyx. Have many of you played Alyx yet? Is there anything you would like to see improved in a sequel?

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