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OnePlus 7 leaks flood in ahead of reported May 14 launch

An abundance of leaks is almost customary at this point, as OnePlus reportedly gears up for the release of its next flagship smartphone next month. Rumours are suggesting that there will be three devices in the OnePlus 7 line-up, a first for the company that casts doubt on the iterative …

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Apple has kicked off production of the iPhone 6s

Apple has apparently officially kicked off production of this year’s pair of iPhones, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Since these devices are now in the pipeline, we also have some unofficial first details of the devices, namely the new force touch display. Apple seems to be quite proud of …

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Sony wants news outlets not to report on hack leaks

Sony has had a bit of a rough time as of late, with a lot of internal details about the company’s function coming to light in the wake of the hack by still unidentified group, Guardians of Peace. Last week the GoP demanded Sony halt the release of the Seth …

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Just Cause 3 on Xbox One screenshots leaked

It’s been four years since the world had its last real taste of Just Cause mayhem with its first sequel. True there was the multiplayer mod which brought people back to Panau, but as open ended and franticly fun as that is, it’s not as empowering as a solid, single player, …

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Ex Microsoft manager sentenced to two years for Insider Trading

Former Microsoft Senior Manager, Brian Jorgensen, has been sentenced to two years in prison for taking part in an inside trading scheme that generated $400,000 back in 2012. Jorgensen had tipped his friend, Sean Stokke, about Microsoft’s strategic partnership with Barnes & Noble, once the news leaked, the company’s stock shot up …

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