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Epic Games Database leaks a bunch of unannounced titles

SteamDB has long been a popular tool which uses specific APIs to offer users a ton of information on all the goings about happening on Steam – letting you track things such as game updates, concurrent users and more. An equivalent for the Epic Games Store was recently launched – inadvertently revealing a bunch of unannounced games.

Though the website has since been made inaccessible, ResetEra user MondoMege managed to capture screenshots of various publisher pages, revealing a whole host of games which have yet to be announced, but are present within Epic’s back-end servers.

While many of the titles listed appear only as code names, one of the most interesting revelations comes in the fact that it would seem as though a new Turok game is being developed and published by Saber Interactive – known best for their work on World War Z; Snowrunner; TimeShift as well as a ton of ports.

While perhaps not quite as destructive to publishers as the now-infamous Nvidia leak, there is still plenty to look into and analyse with this most recent blunder. The full list of leaked games and code names can be found HERE.

KitGuru says: What do you think of these types of leaks? Would you like to see a new Turok game? What do you reckon some of the code names are for? Let us know down below.

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