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Apple store offering 256gb and 512gb SSD for iMacs

Apple have started to offer larger flash storage options for their 21.5 inch iMacs. These Macs have been shipping with a 1TB Fusion drive option now for some time, at a price premium of £200.

As the image above shows, Apple are now offering a 256GB SSD at £240.00 extra, or a larger 512GB SSD for £480.00. The Apple Fusion drive has proven popular for the company – being a mixture of 128GB SSD and HDD technology. We have reviewed similar technology on Kitguru in the past by OCZ. A pure Solid State Drive option is obviously faster still, so the additions will be welcomed.

Apple have never offered SSD options for their 21.5 inch iMac computers although the 512GB Solid State Drive at £480 inc vat extra, seems a rather hefty price increase. Amazon for instance are stocking 512GB solid state drives at a starting price of £289.24 inc vat (Crucial models). Even a 256GB model can be picked up now for £140.00 inc vat.

Kitguru says: Good options for Apple users, but fitting one yourself would save a huge amount of cash.

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