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Apple target Google 3D Maps with takeover of mapping company

Apple have taken over a Swedish 3D mapping company – which would be the third mapping company they have purchased in the space of only two years.

According to AppleInsider, the debate over which firm published C3 Technologies has now emerged as Apple. C3 Technologies are a major player in the industry, using classified military targeting technology to create 3D maps. They apparently use plane equipped with angled digital SLR cameras to take aerial photos that capture the sides of buildings, as well as the tops. These images are then enhanced with photos from additional camera angles to create a full 3D rendering of a city.

C3 Chief Strategy Officer Paul Smith said “Unlike Google or Bing, all of our maps are 360° explorable. Everything, every building, every tree, every landmark, from the city center to the suburbs, is captured in 3D—not just a few select buildings.”

Kitguru says: They reckon it would have cost Apple up to $250 million to buy C3.

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