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Apple celebrate Steve Jobs with video

Apple published a video on their website yesterday celebrating the life of Steve Jobs who died aged 56 after losing a battle against pancreatic cancer.

The 80 minute video is called ‘Celebrating Steve' and includes a series of speakers from the Wednesday event, which wasn't available to the public.

In the last two weeks, the internet has been inundated with memorials, support messages and tributes to the late, iconic leader of the world's largest technology company. Millions of fans have posted messages on blogs and forums and social networks have been buzzing with people discussing the man. We have even heard that sales of the black turtleneck sweaters that Steve wore have increased dramatically worldwide since his death.

One of the many tribute videos on Youtube

Apple pushed the video out, as public demanded to see it and we can assume that the autobiography of Jobs will sell by the millions, when it is released. Preorders for the book, based around 40 interviews with Jobs himself are already said to be very healthy.

Kitguru says: The tributes keep coming.

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