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Apple file patent to stop jailbreaking. detect and destroy.

KitGuru has been reporting recently on the fact that Apple have been fighting a losing battle to stop their products from being hacked (jailbreaking as its commonly known to all you kewl g33ks). The courts in the US have actually ruled that it is fine to hack your own phone …. after all you did pay for it.

Apple are not letting it slide however and they are implementing a patent to detect and disable jailbroken phones. The patent which was reported on the Register is called “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorised Users of an Electronic Device”.

tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak

Looking into the patent it appears that Apple are taking this issue very seriously indeed. It appears that this could let Apple know if you have been a bad boy and are cutting them out of application profits. The countermeasures they could implement actually include taking a series of geotagged photographs with the built in camera and emailing them to Apple to identify the offender!

KitGuru says: This will certainly cause much debate online with the Apple haters loving the ammo to fuel hate posts, but at the end of the day do you think Apple have a right to defend their own goods? Or do you think that Apple should just butt out of your business after you part with your cash to buy the product?

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