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Vodafone roll-out Android 2.2 OTA update for HTC Desire Users

Here at KitGuru we've been eagerly awaiting the Android 2.2 update on our Vodafone HTC Desire, especially since the recent 2.1 update that added a vast amount of bloatware to our phone!  This update removes all this bloatware (due to numerous complaints on Vodafone's forum) and brings with it all that Froyo has to offer.

Although Froyo brings us numerous improvements to the standard Android operating system, some of these won't be noticeable as HTC's Sense overlay will be present instead, for example in the camera application.  Behind the scenes, Google have incorporated the Dalvik VM just-in-time compiler which is said to speed up CPU-bound code by around 2-5x.

There are, of course, more obvious additions such as 720P video recording which is sure to be a hit with many users.  Also Google have added a tethering application which lets us connect our laptops  and other devices to the internet using the phone's 3G connection either via wireless or USB.

Here at KitGuru we love downloading applications from Android market.  With Froyo we are able to store applications on the phone's SD card which means we can cram even more apps on our Desire!  Other additions include better Flash support and a Flashlight app which lets us use the camera's LED flash as a torch.

KitGuru says: We love our now bloatware-free Desire that packs all the latest Android features!

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