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Apple iOS sales in 2011 beat Mac sales over 28 years

Asymco published an interesting report yesterday which highlighted the incredible strength of the Apple iOS platform.

Apple have sold 140 million Macintosh computers in the 28 years they have been available on the market. They have sold 55 million iPads to date and 22 million iPods in the first five years since the first device went to market. Apple have sold 175 million iPhones to date, with 37 million of those sales in the last quarter alone.

If we analyse the stats, iOS as a ‘whole’ has reached 316 million sales by the end of last year, with 122 million Macintosh computers sold to date.

The graph is interesting because it shows just how big of a runaway success the iOS mobile devices have been for Apple, who have always been known until recent years for their ‘Macintosh’ range of personal computers. We would imagine that Steve Jobs would be saddened a little by the shift of sales within the company. The Macintosh computer holds such a small percentage of sales now for Apple, which would never have been the thinking of the young man who created the first desktop computers with Wozniak, in a garage in California.

Kitguru says: The iOS success story has been incredible. Apple rely on it for a huge percentage of the company revenue now.

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