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Apple said to be testing larger iPhone and 13 inch tablet screens

Many people are saying that the Apple iPhone screen needs to get larger. When you look at the latest Android phones such as the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note it is beginning to look tiny. A new report suggests that Apple may be listening to feedback.

The Wall Street Journal are quoting sources who claim Apple are testing larger screens for both the iPhone and iPad. The sources are saying that the new iPhone screen is ‘larger than 4 inches’, although no details have been leaked yet. If the rumours are correct then Apple are also playing with a 13 inch iPad screen.

Samsung have 4.8 inch and 5 inch screens on their Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 smartphones. The iPhone 5 screen is 63 percent the size of the S4 model – meaning that Apple fans who want a larger screen to compete with Android phones have been out of luck.

We are surprised at the report suggesting a bigger iPad, almost 13 inches diagonally. Sources claim Apple may be trialing a 13 inch Macbook touchscreen model that runs iOS. Again, this report suggests Apple are only testing prototypes, many of which never reach retail.

Apple have declined to comment on the information, although that is not a shock. They never do.

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