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Apple TV may feature Retina Display

The news of Apple releasing a television set hasn’t been that exciting for me, well until I heard that they may be incorporating the high grade retina display into the upcoming models. But will this be cost effective?

According to Raymond Soniera, the founder of DisplayMate technologies, Apple may adopt a Retina display into their upcoming premium television range.

He spoke to CNET, saying “”My…theory is that color consistency and accuracy among all Apple devices is more important for Apple than Retina Display resolution and will be the strategic basis for the eventual launch of an Apple Television.”

He also clarified what a ‘Retina’ display is “There is tremendous confusion (from consumers to Wall Street analysts) as to exactly what a “Retina Display” is in terms of resolution and Pixels Per Inch. Some analysts are saying that an Apple Retina Display Television is years away because the display technology won’t be ready for years. That is simply not true… Existing 1920×1080 HDTVs are already “Retina Displays” in terms of visual sharpness at typical viewing distances.

So, when Apple launches its own Apple Television it will almost certainly have a resolution of 1920×1080 and it will be a True Retina Display Television. The timing of an Apple Television will be up to Apple, but the display technology is already here.”

Whatever happens we can be sure that Apple will come up with a high quality panel for their range of televisions. They would need to if they want to compete against the Sony and other market leaders.

Kitguru says: We will be keeping our ears out for future news on Retina display Apple TV’s.

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