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Apple v Samsung, more prototype designs released

The second day of the Apple vs Samsung case showcased many prototype designs. Christopher Stringer, an Apple designer and first witness produced a wide range of iPhone and iPad designs, some of which he was carrying with him.

According to the case, Apple produce hundreds of prototypes for each product, taking parts of one design and merging with others to get the final product. The Verge has a wide range of images on display over here.

Stringer was forthright in his responses to the court. he said ‘We’ve been ripped off, its a huge leap in imagination to come up with something new. That’s what we did.”

Samsung didn’t let him get away with the comments, their counsel cross examined him, discussing the patents for the iPhone. They produced an email that Stringer wrote in 2011, asking for a list of competitor tablets that their team could discuss. The point Samsung were making was clearly that Apple are swayed by competitor products as much as any other company.

Stringer argued that they were only trying to get a hold of the market strategy, rather than use the designs as inspiration for their own products.

Samsung are not on good terms with Judge Lucy Koh, as they sent evidence to the press which she wouldn’t allow in court. They tried to persuade her to allow it, and when she refused Samsung sent out a press release containing the ‘Sony style’ iPhone prototype saying “It established beyond doubt that Samsung did not copy the iPhone design”.

According to reports Koh was very angry with the move and she summoned Samsung’s lead attorney to find out how he was involved.

Kitguru says: With another four weeks to go, there is still plenty of time left for further stories to emerge from the courts.

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