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iPad 2 case images leak, site gets takedown demand

Leaked images of the iPad2 hit the news site 9to5 Mac and the trading site Alibaba. Sadly however they were quickly pulled so they are no longer available to view.

An unnamed company contacted the site with takedown notices for the case pictures and according to Padgadget who spoke to a company in Apple’s supply chain, the reason is that that leaked images are ‘extremely accurate’ to the design of the upcoming iPad 2.

The iPad 2 based on leaked pictures appears to be designed with a contoured structure, in a similar manner to Apple’s rectangle to curves redesign of the iPhone and iPod touch devices. The new iPad will feature a larger rear speaker for sound quality improvements and a rear facing camera. I am not sure that a camera is such a big deal on a giant tablet, but the audience have been demanding one since the iPad released, so it makes sense for Apple to bow under public demand.

There is a port on the side of the iPad2 design which many are assuming will be a USB port – the first mobile Apple device to actually have one. It could actually be a SD card slot however, so I wouldn’t hold much to the rumours circulating.

“We do not know whether these products are what they say they are, but we have received a legitimate takedown request and are removing the listings,” said Alibaba Group spokesman John Spelich.

KitGuru says: Are you already in the queue to buy the iPad 2 or are you not interested? Apple need a revamp to compete with the plethora of companies already lined up for releases in 2011.

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