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New Macbook Air prototype information leaks: ‘instant on’

Engadget have just received anonymous information on what appears to be the insides of an up and coming Macbook Air. It shows extra battery room, a 13.3 inch display, with unibody Macbook Style hinge and no space for a regular hard drive or SSD.

It looks as if Apple are using a new SSD Card system which packs solid state storage into a ram shaped module. They also say that the display appears to be have been reduced to 11.6 inches.

Could this be the sign of two SKU’s within the Macbook Air range ? The source of the leaked images says that this particular prototype dates from April 2010 and it running on a Core 2 Duo SL9400 CPU from the existing models.

Rumours we have heard could even point to an ‘instant-on’ system with this new SSD type storage. Sources claim the machine will have a more noticeable ‘wedge’ shape when viewed from the side profile.

KitGuru says: Instant on sounds appealling, but we are sceptical this is true.

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