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Brenthaven 5 in 1 iPad Case Review

Rating: 8.5.

The iPad has been a resounding success this year for Apple, and justifiably so – it is a fantastic product with a huge diversity of application support. One of the big problems however is that in its ‘naked’ form it is very vulnerable and somewhat easily dropped.

This weekend, as part of our gadget series, we are looking at a product which gives a solution to these problems while offering so much more – the Brenthaven 5 in 1 iPad case.

The packaging is a clean, compact design with the main five uses listed on the front and back. We will detail them in this review.

The product is available in black and bronze. We opted for the bronze version so we would have something slightly more colourful to work with. Inside the main shell is shipped in three parts. Brenthaven also include a strap system and a little guide.

The three sections all fit together in various ways to offer not only protection, but ways of using the iPad.

The first of the ‘5 in 1’ options is the ‘hardshell case’ which delivers protection for the iPad itself. This is a custom design and a perfect fit for the product.

Two of the sections slide from top and bottom to join together to form a protective shell on the rear – the area of the iPad which is most susceptible to marking.  The material is designed for maximum grip meaning it won’t be so easy to slide out of your hands and drop.

The other part of the shell clips ‘over’ the rear mounted protection panels to give total coverage and screen protection inside a bag or suitcase.

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