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Samsung attack Apple over emoticon patent

We would imagine that executives at Apple and Samsung won’t be exchanging Christmas gifts this year, as they have been at legal loggerheads all year. The latest news to be released today indicates that Samsung are on the counter attack against Apple in regards to another patent claim.

Samsung have filed in Germany against Apple for violated a pair of patents relating to the implementation of the WCDMDA 3G telecom standard and two other patents which relate to smartphone utilities. One of these is based around the display of emoticons.

Samsung spoke to Reuters today and said “(Samsung) made four more claims; two are standard-related patents and the other two are utility patents. And a court said it would make these claims separate from the April lawsuit.”

The battle between Apple and Samsung is ongoing and is taking place in various countries, including Australia. They banned the Galaxy Tab for a while, but have since lifted the ban, allowing Samsung to resume sales of the popular tablet computer.

Kitguru says: This battle looks to continue well into 2012 as both companies refuse to give ground.

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