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White iPhone 4 thicker than black version? Apple say no!

Apple took some time to bring the white iPhone 4 to market, citing technical production issues. The latest debate raging on many Apple related forums is based around the thickness of the White iPhone 4, because when it was released, some publications were claiming it was 2 mm thicker than the black version.

one has been indulging in too much Easter chocolate?

The image above from Engadget shows that the white iPhone 4 is slightly thicker than the black version, however the debate hasn't ended peacefully here. Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller has apparently sent a response to a customer via Twitter (always professional) disputing the claims. His tweet was short and not so sweet.

“It is not thicker, don't believe all the junk that you read” he said.

Not letting it rest there, Consumer Reports have also been disputing the initial findings, using a caliper to measure the thickness of both devices.

They really are the same thickness. honest.

TiPb also used a series of tests of caliper measurements and it looks as if the devices are meant to be the same thickness, but that some of the white phones may be slightly fatter due to quality control issues. A claim that Macrumors also feel to be true. It seems to have peaked the interest of every Apple fanboi and hater on forums across the net.

For those who find images and caliper measurements not detailed enough, there are a plethora of videos online showing the two phones side by side. Yes, really.

Kitguru says: You can be sure the debate isn't over.

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