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2nd gen iPad Mini references found in iOS7 code

The Apple iPad Mini refresh shouldn’t be that long away and some recent discovered code was found in the newest beta of iOS 7.

It looks as if there will be three revisions of the second generation iPad Mini. The iPad 2.8, iPad 2.9 and iPad 2.10, with respective numbers J75, J76 and J77. Based on information we already know the part numbers point to an iPad Mini with Wi-Fi only and two more with carrier backed wireless radios. The existing iPad Mini has iPad ‘2.5’, iPad ‘2.6’, and iPad ‘2.7’ codes.

The internals seem to have been changed, as the processor is marked now with a platform code of S518950x – the A6 chip which is used in the iPhone 5. This new addition should help the Mini tablet to perform better generally when compared against the A5 chip in the current revision.
ipad mini

The millions of people waiting on a retina powered model may be crying into their cornflakes as the indicators show the same panel will be used for this revision. Of course this is not set in stone as Apple are known to test things before going to market. It may be possible due to demand that they will wait on a mass production of Retina panels just for this model.

Kitguru says: Are you waiting on a Retina equipped iPad Mini?

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