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Apple stop delivery of some iPad 2’s due to glitch

Apple have called a stop to the delivery of some iPad 2’s due to a manufacturing glitch, according to sources in the industry.

These iPad 2’s were on route to Verizon Wireless for shipments to customers later in the week. The problem from what we hear was a identity code issue meaning that the new machines had the same codes as some already in the channel, which would cause massive issues on the Verizon network. Apple have already made an announcement to the Wall Street Journal saying it was ‘extremely small’, in regards to the number of units affected.

The iPad 2 has so far has a trouble free manufacturing history. Even after the Japan disaster struck earlier in the year, Apple offered companies involved in the component supply higher rates to ensure that part shortage wouldn’t cause production slow downs. Apple’s biggest issues so far have been with partner Foxconn who have been plagued with staff issues, and factory problems, such as the explosion last month.

KitGuru says: Not a huge issue for Apple, just a set back for Verizon.

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