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iPad 2 screen – thinner and lighter rumours?

Rumours have been rife for months now on the upcoming iPad 2 which is due for release later this year. Latest information from 9to5Mac shows that the upcoming product will feature a thinner, lighter screen but possibly no mega high resolution Retina Display Technology.

9to5Mac claim to have acquired an iPad2 LCD from China, something which Apple will never confirm officially, if its true.

“At this point, we cannot tell if the resolution is higher (or ‘Retina’) but it is definitely higher quality in terms of its build, The iPad 2’s display is also lighter, and over a mm thinner than the current iPad’s display with a smaller surrounding frame.”

The back of the iPad 2 display features the tag “LP097X02-SLN1,” which one commenter said is “Lg Phillips 9.7in XGA 1024×768 H-IPS display.”

If this is correct then it appears that the new iPad 2 won’t feature the ultra high resolution Retina display, and now experts say, this won’t happen until the iPad3 is released, whenever that might be.

Boy Genius Report suggest that the iPad2 will not have a home button, but will rely on multi touch gestures for navigation, much like the Research In Motion Playbook tablet. We really find this particular claim hard to believe, as Apple are not likely to radically change their interface, especially as the public have adapted to the current system without any problem.

KitGuru says: Ipad 2 with a thinner screen, but not retina resolution? Who knows, the rumours seem to change almost daily.

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