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iPhone 5 (4S) to have ‘edge to edge’ screen ?

A reported early case for the iPhone 5 has shown up on Asian trading site AliBaba. Guangdong based Kulcase are apparently selling a crystal case for an ‘iPhone 5g'.

The image shows that it has a larger, edge to edge screen and the flash has also moved from directly next to the rear camera to the corner on the other side, which would assume a performance enhancement.

Obviously, the case may not be for the iPhone 5 as these leaks in the Far East prove hard to verify, especially as Apple never comment on anything released or leaked by sources. Rumors via some of our contacts in Taipei however have said that the iPhone will be getting a radical overhaul for the 5th Edition.

Sadly for Apple, many of their plans leak long before release, due to employees in partner factories who want to earn a quick buck. Foxconn have recently held several meetings to keep employees in line, after Apple have been complaining of plans being leaked for hot, upcoming products. They have even had some employees arrested for passing on iPad 2 information, months in advance of the release.

In regards to this specific ‘iphone 5 case leak' Guangdong would be an unusual source of a leak as they are some distance from Foxconn factories, although the cases could in theory ship from Shenzhen, which is Foxconn's main manufacturing base.

Analyst's also claim that the next iPhone won't be called ‘5' but actually the ‘4s'.

KitGuru says: The iPhone 5 isn't due until at least September, with the latest white iPhone 4 release still selling well. Manufacturing for V5 however should start in the next couple of months, so more leaks will certainly make their way onto the net.

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