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Three Foxconn employees arrested over iPad2 design leaks

Three Foxconn employees have been accused of leaking the iPad 2 design and have been arrested, They were officially charged with ‘violating the company trade secrets’.

Foxconn became suspicious when some online retailers starting stocking shelves with iPad 2 cases long before the launch. Earlier this year in CES there was an iPad 2 case being showcased. Images and information on the iPad 2 were leaked before release, prior to the official release. It can be hard before an Apple product launch to find out the sources, but months later it appears that some employees might have been taking ‘back handers’ to leak important information on the products.

Foxconn Lunghua plant in Shenzhen

Foxconn employees are being accused of leaking the design only weeks, not months before the announcement of the iPad 2, even though cases and other information was leaked long before this. Foxconn will have to make a very public example of these staff members, especially as Apple are such a huge partner for them, generating billions of dollars in revenue. You can be sure that behind the scenes, Apple representatives have been discussing how this can be stopped.

This is the latest in a long series of problems for the troubled company, as they faced negative exposure for employee suicides over working conditions. An employee also killed himself after losing an iPhone 4 prototype. Other recent information leaks, such as a 64GB iPhone 4 have been leaked, but not directed to Foxconn employees.

KitGuru says: Foxconn are making a very clear statement: leak information and we will take action.

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