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Will iphone 5 have curved screen? insider info leaked

Rumors are circulating in Taipei today that Apple may be trying something new and radical with the upcoming iPhone 5. Sources close to Kitguru have also spoken with Digitimes to ‘confirm' the latest rumour that Apple have been buying a lot of new glass cutting machines, used by glass makers. Between 200 and 300 machines have said to be sold to Apple this week.

This kind of equipment is often used when creating sculpted panels for devices. Insiders have hinted that a mole from Apple has said they are changing the shape of the upcoming iPhone.

Apple have already used curved glass in previous designs, such as the iPod Nano. The Samsung Nexus S (above) also used a concave curved screen. The move is said to be coming, due to added comfort from the different shape. Research has shown that users find it easier to relax their hand when using a curved panel.

KitGuru says: True or not? watch this space.

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