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Apple forcing Dell and HP to drop prices

Dell and Hewlett Packard are dropping the pricing of their ultra portable 13 inch machines as they are getting hit hard by the adoption of Apple’s latest MacBook Air machine. Sales figures are proving very healthy for Apple so far.

The Adamo is a great machine and has proven a steady seller for Dell, with reasonable sales figures, especially considering the high price. Unfortunately since the MacBook Air was released these figures have been hit. In the US, Dell have dropped the retail price from $1,099 to $899. With a 2.1ghz processor and 4GB of memory, as well as a 128GB SSD this is actually an extremely good deal.

Hewlett Packard are also jumping on the ultraportable price reduction band wagon by offering a $450 rebate on their Envy 13 machine. This would make it $999 and it comes with a Core 2 Duo processor, 3GB of memory and 250GB of hard drive space. They even offer an external DVD burner with the asking price.

Dell Adamo XPS - sexy and svelte

This should compare well against the $1,299 price for the MacBook Air, although we already know that Apple lovers don’t mind paying a little extra for the aluminum chassis, OSX and fantastic styling. Whether this helps to boost sales for Dell and HP has yet to be seen, but it certainly won’t hurt.

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