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Dell XPS 15 (L501X): Intel Core i7 840QM/2GB nVidia GT435m Review

Rating: 9.0.

Dell have been releasing some great mobile products in 2010, and KitGuru has reviewed many of their range, including the fantastic Dell Streak smartphone which earned our coveted ‘must have’ award.

While Dell release a plethora of machines over the course of a year, one of their latest releases caught our eye … the new XPS 15 (L501X). While the internal hardware is highly specified, we were actually quite intrigued by the moderate size of the chassis.

Dell offered us the high end Intel Core i7 840QM model with 2GB nVidia GT435m for review today, which is modestly priced at £1,319 (after a £149.00 savings offer).

If you have money left over after Christmas this could well be the high powered workhorse and gaming solution you need in 2011. At KitGuru, we will give it a jolly good thrashing with a variety of synthetic and real world testing. We don’t waste our money and we don’t expect you to either.

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  • Jerry D.

    That really is a fucking sweet laptop. even without the bluray and dropping down a CPU, its under a grand. t hat is excellent.

  • Tim

    Always great when I get a new Kitguru review alert on Twitter 🙂 awesome review man and that is a hell of a good looking machine. I am not sure im sold on the appearance, that two tone thing looks a bit messy, id prefer it was darker, like the front, but I suppose you arent looking at the underside much. the intel core i7 cpu is great.

  • Frankie

    Wow that Intel QM CPU blows me away

  • Garry

    Well what a great stoke of luck. I was looking at this machine on christmas eve and didnt know if it was going to suck. ill aim for a lower specification than this, but I need a new laptop for 2011 for work, and ill bill it to the company (just need to keep it realistic).

  • Gerty

    Excellent, I like the skins, some really cool looking ones

  • Joe

    njice to see dell reviews here, only thing I will say is that I have had a terrible time with dell batteries failing after 18 months to 2 years time. Not sure if it has been a batch, but google shows quite a few people seeing the same thing.

  • KoRn

    excellent machine, I just bought an Acer for £500 quid in PCWORLD though :p

  • TOm

    Great machine, however, Dell took away the 1080P screen option though! Hopefully dell will have that option back soon, or else the CPU and the GPU will be wasted! (This option is back in other country except for the US)

  • Tim

    They actually arent selling the 1080p machine in the UK either? what happened?

  • Tech Head

    I think the 1080p machine is available in parts of europe now, but it might be due to 1080p screen demands and lack of stock. very unusual to pull a system mid range though.

  • The 1080p option will be back at some stage. Dell said this “We still offer the screen but had to temporarily take it offline as our supplier had to de-commit on certain quantities. It can still be ordered over the phone if one doesn’t mind an extended lead time. “

  • XPS my Love

    The 1080p option is back in Canada

  • Conservative design in my opinion, and it’s even kinda of thick for laptops nowadays.