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Skype add video calling to iPhone and iPad application

Skype are adding video calls to their iPhone and iPad application in a strong move to try and increase market share across Apple’s product range. Adoption has been good already, but with added video support they feel more people will download the software.

Skype have just rolled out this new extra and is a major bonus for Apple users, currently Skype video calls are not available on Android devices. The software allows users to make free calls between two PCs, smartphones or TVs, but the company charge users to call over land line phones. In the six months ending June 30, they made a profit of $13.1 million.

This move makes perfect timing as New Years Eve is the biggest day of the year for video calls and when you factor in that 70 million iPhones and almost 8 million iPads have been sold then the audience is impressive. With the upcoming release of a new iPad with front and rear mounted video cameras this will be a good addition for potential customers.

Skype face stiff competition from Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Google who all continue to enhance their internet calling products. Apple have Facetime chat, but it only works over Wi-Fi, not 3G networks.

KitGuru says: Now, on New Years Eve, iPhone users in the pub can video chat with their friends and family in far away locations.

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