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Modder creates a ‘Macbook Air all in one keyboard computer’

It seems that all in one computers are the rage lately with companies such as Asus trying to break the mould with exciting designs and interesting concepts.

Bart Reardon of The MacBook Air Project thought it would be a cool idea to fit a MacBook Air into an apple keyboard and make it a single unit. He thinks the computer “will be used much beyond internet/email….maybe as an AppleTV replacement.”

He used the Macbook air as space was a deciding factor “As a component they are more expensive to get at but more importantly it’s about space. The nice thing about the macbook Air’s motherboard is how narrow it is. The other MacBooks have small motherboards too but they spread out at the connector end. This still makes them narrow enough to fit under a standard keyboard but that loses favour as it means you can’t get the keyboard (a desktop keyboard that is) low enough to be ergonomically comfortable.”

You can see more over here.

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