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HIS HD 5850 iCooler V Turbo Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are looking at another 5000 series card from HIS, the HIS HD5850 iCooler V Turbo.  The last HIS card we reviewed was the IceQ 5 5770 and in a similar fashion the HD5850 shares a factory pre-overclock.

This particular product features a center mounted fan to disperse air across the fins of the heatsink to provide a cooler, faster and quieter solution when compared to a reference design 5850. As Sapphire offer the Vapor-X lineup and Power Color have the PCS+ models, the HIS card is up against some stiff competition if it expects the public to part with hard earned cash.

iCooler V Cooling Technology
iCooler V features a high performance dual slot cooler. It comes with an excellent cooling setup which transfers heat effectively from the GPU to the internal fins around the central fan. Thanks to the elegant design and smoothness of iCooler fan shroud, massive amounts of cool air are drawn from the central cooler to cool the internal fins directly.

Feature Advantage
* Faster: Heat transfers rapidly out of GPU and reduces temperature instantly
* Cooler: Award-winning and performance leading iCooler Technology with enhancement of heatsink to transfer heat out faster
* Quieter: Lower noise level than original cooler on ATI reference design.

Massive amount of air is drawn from the central cooler to cool down the fins inside iCooler V transfers heat from the GPU effectively.
Equipped with a specially-designed cooling spreader, iCooler V has a much larger cooling capacity than the AMD reference cooler, temperature is driven down by up to 5.5°C cooler in 21°C ambient temp. iCooler V fan blades are 5mm thinner than AMD reference cooler, dramatically lowering the noise level by up to 11dB at the same fan speed.
Product HIS HD5850 iCooler V Turbo
GPU 5850
Core Clock 765 MHz
Memory Clock 4.5Gbps /// MHz
Memory Size 1024 MB
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Interface 256 bit
Interface PCI Express x16 (PCI Express 2.1)

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