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HIS HD 5850 iCooler V Turbo Review

Today we are going to look at how Crossfire scales with 2 5850 cards. We will use the Asus 5850 and the HIS 5850 as our pair of cards for these tests. We are going to re visit Vantage and Heaven Benchmark as our synthetic benchmarks and then move on to Metro 2033 and Crysis Warhead for some real life gaming comparisons.

Vantage uses DirectX 10 technologies and it scales very well in Crossfire. We saw significant gains across the board in this test.

Heaven Benchmark uses the latest DirectX 11 technology and can be a very demanding engine. It also happens to scale very well in our Crossfire testing once again producing significant gains.

Metro 2033 uses a very demanding game engine but produces state of the art visuals. Testing this game at 1080p resolution proved to be taxing on the 5850's in general. Even when running our Crossfire setup our minimum frames per second dropped as low as 21 FPS. We saw excellent scaling of our average frames per second almost doubling our average of 22. We also experienced noticeable increases in our maximum frames per second in this game with Crossfire enabled reaching as high as 65 FPS.

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