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HIS HD 5850 iCooler V Turbo Review

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  • Crysis Warhead is a standalone release and does not require ownership of Crysis to play.

Initially we planned to only run this on Enthusiast setting but our frame rates dropped into the danger zone a few times so we decided to also test at the Gamer settings.  We will re visit this game later on with some Crossfire action.

Testing our cards at Enthusiast provided beautiful visuals but was obviously stressing  our GPU's throughout the testing.The HIS 5850 once again had slightly higher numbers then the reference model.  Overall the gaming at enthusiast was enjoyable even though we did experience occasional drops in our FPS that took us into the danger zone. Both cards averaged close to 30 frames per second which is definitely a respectable result at this resolution with all in game settings on Enthusiast.

After lowering the in game setting to Gamer our testing was very smooth  through the entire test. The HIS and Asus 5850 cards both had  minimum frames per second below 25 FPS but only occurred during an intense section of our testing.  Other then that one particular area we averaged close to 45 FPS, which is very good when taking into consideration the 1920×1200 resolution.

Stay tuned for some Crossfire results a bit further on in the review.

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