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Apple and Samsung decide to play nice – at least for now

As part as ongoing (and largely baseless) lawsuits between the mobile giants, Samsung and Apple, they were pressured into agreeing to settlement talks last month and today some results of that have arisen. Both parties have agreed to drop some of their current claims in the Californian courts.

Samsung and Apple have agreed to drop some of their claims against each other in a Californian court

Apple has agreed to drop half of their claims against Samsung, without prejudice. This means that are free to refile those claims further down the track. Samsung has also agreed to pull five of the twelve claims it once had against Apple. It is assumed that Samsung has withdrawn the patent claims without prejudice as well. However, chances are that both parties have not withdrawn the most lethal claims.

This largely reduces the size of the case which will make things easier for the judge and jury, as well as retain a trial date set for July 30.

KitGuru says: And to think that we were contemplating the end of the patent war. Apple and Samsung will likely be battling with nukes now instead of your average missile.

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