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Samsung takes its opportunity to mock Apple Maps

A few days ago Victorian Police warned people against using Apple Maps as it was, and is, “potentially life threatening” as instead of guiding users to a town in the Australian outback, users were directed to the middle of a National Park. Some unfortunate motorists have found themselves stranded without …

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Apple goes after Samsung again in amended lawsuit

The relative peace between Apple and Samsung following trial results in California and Japan has come to an end. Over the weekend Apple has amended a previous lawsuit that targeted only the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to include “at least” 21 new devices. The Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy …

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Samsung and Apple meet – settle on nothing

Last month it was revealed that Samsung and Apple were pressured into entering settlement talks over the course of two of days at a Californian court. The two mobile giants met there this past Monday and Tuesday where Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero oversaw the proceedings. As you might have …

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Apple commands that Samsung stops mocking fanboys

It comes as no surprise Apple would sooner or later reply to Samsung's “Next Big Thing” advertising campaign which takes stabs at Apple's iPhone and its owners, while also exposing the advantages of Samsung's Galaxy S II. As part of an ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Samsung (no surprises there,) …

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